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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we are getting over that hump together aren't we as a team? roadways are looking good. we have an accident out there, we have a the lieutenant of construction one big construction project starting we will tell but in a couple minutes. >> i know, i bummed brooke out big time with the final summer stuff, and maybe 40's next week. >> i'm not ready. >> i'm with you. i feel you. >> now had about the rest of america, i love the fall. >> it has to happen sometime. >> future. >> enjoy the next few days. it is still warm. sixty-nine at the airport. north wind at six. that north wind will push out humidity but it is a northerly breeze and we will see enough sun to get us in the 80's. we are lock in the summertime pattern on the final day of the summer season. sixty-nine in the airport. lower 60's in allentown, berks county, similar numbers in the suburbs, quakertown feels good, at 59 degrees.
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there is that north breeze, 10 , we're calm, but heads up could be some fog in some locations. we are dry with just some clouds, increasing sunshine, through the afternoon and hour by hour nice rebound with the temperatures, in the lower 80's on our way up to 86 degrees today. how sit looking outside on the roads. >> roads are looking okay. what we are looking at is construction. if you are just waking up with us we were looking at this yesterday and it slowed you down right around this time. ninety-five north between ridley park and 420, two lanes block, yesterday only one compromise today. traffic in the same area. we are looking good. you guys are holding steady there. it is looking thighs. vine, now opened and it was closed between schuylkill and broad, you can see both moving in the west and eastbound side we are opened and looking great as well. this is where we have our first accident of the morning in plymouth meeting, plymouth road closed near sandy hill road. we have a down traffic signal in that area. and also construction on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between valley forge
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and downingtown left lane will be blocked there for you and also a big construction project coming up, 95 south off ramp to aramingo avenue is closed starting tonight at 8:00 p.m. this will run you nine months. june of 2016. your alternate, allegheny and make note i will tweet that as as well. >> thanks, meisha. city officialness charlotte north caroline air calling for calm this morning. >> violent protest erupted after police shot and killed a man they say was armed with a gun. the man family says he was just reading a book. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live from the sat center with the latest on the situation this charlotte this morning, jan. >> good morning. hundreds of protesters gathered at an apartment complex in charlotte north carolina overnight. it was there, just hours earlier that a four three-year old black man was shot and killed by police. you could sianni hear frustration, crowd at times chanting no justice, no peace and black lives matter. unrest in charlotte north
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carolina, hundreds there flooded the street overnight to protest the deadly shooting of a black man at the hand of police. law enforcement, here, stretched across streets as demonstrators held signs, some people were spotted destroying hashing police cars and at one point police fired tear gas to break up the crowds. officials say at least 12 officers were hurt including one hit in the face with a rock. >> throwing water bottles and destroying city vehicles i do not conn down that. but as far as my child, high nephew, i'm concern, i'm worried about them. >> reporter: this comes after a four three-year old man identified as keith the scott was shot and killed by police tuesday afternoon. it was around 4:00 when charlotte police went looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant. they saw scott inside a car, he was not the person they were looking for but police say he got out with the gun and then got back in and when police approached they say he exited the car again with the gun. >> facing imminent threat, and
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because of that at least one of our officers fired round at the subject. >> reporter: office shore fired the shot brently has been with the department for one years. he is on administrative leave which is standard procedure. meantime investigators say they recovered a gun at the scene but his family maintains he was unarmed when he was shot. they say he was this his carrieding a book. >> there was a terrorist in new jersey, new york. he was taken alive. they say they wanted to question him. so because you wanted to question him, does his life heene more than our black man across the nation. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: police are conducting a full investigation. charlotte's marries asking for calm, tweeting that this community deserves answers. we're reporting live, this morning jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim back inside to you. this incident comes amid outrage and growing calls for justice after police in oklahoma, shot and killed an unarm black man on friday.
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protesters want the officer involved to face charges. police dash cam video shows terence croucher had his hand in the air moments before he was shot with the stun gun and then shot dead. the officer who shot and killed him is on paid leave. donald trump is drawing criticism for comments he made on the campaign trail yesterday about black communities. >> we're going to rebuild our inner cities because our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they have ever been in before, ever, ever, ever. you take a look at the inner cities you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking town the street. i mean honestly places like afghanistan are safer then some of our inner cities. >> now poll suggest hillary clinton is leading, florida 46 s
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41 percent. poll shower gary johnson at 6 percent. clinton's lead is shrinking from her spot last month. clinton ace trump will face off this a debate on monday night. man accused of carrying out a series of weekend bombings in new york and new jersey now faces federal terrorism charges. ahmad kahn rahami was charged with at least ten federal counts including use of the weapons of mass destruction. suspect's father says he warned fbi about his son years ago. investigators say officers who were shot during a gunfight with rahami were released from the hospital on tuesday. authorities say rahami is not, cooperating, with their investigation. sixteen year-old student is facing charges for fight captured on school, at lincoln high school in philadelphia. >> this wasn't just any fight police say it was between a student and a teacher, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from outside the school in mayfair, good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning. philadelphia police are charge ago this 16 year-old lincoln
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high student with aggravated assault for a brawl with his teacher. at this time that fight caught on video and posted, on social media have got people talking on campus and, of course, on line. to that video we have blurred faces here, police say in class argument between that lincoln teacher and student triggered the fight. at the end of the class eyewitnesses say fisticuffs began with that 16 year-old reportedly throwing the first punch. video shows teacher and students, more than a dozen or so onlookers. "eyewitness news" business holding the name of that teacher involve, we spoke with eyewitness who saw the fight and tried showing the clip to city school superintendent, doctor william hite and here's what both had to say. >> i thought the one punch but kid was throwing a lot of punches. >> what was described to me is disturbing and not the type of incident that we want to see in our schools so we will do everything to get to the
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bottom of it. >> now, at the time doctor hite had in the watched the clip and said he will do so in his own time. that 16 year-old is facing an assault charge, teacher at this time has in the been charged. brooke and jim, back inside to you. >> justin, thanks. meanwhile two philadelphia police officers hurt during a bar brawl with lesean mccoy are suing former eagle and owners of the club. according to the civil suit lesean chile coy and his two friend punched and kick officers roland butler and darnell jesse this cell phone video captured it february 7th inside recess lounge in olde city. authorities say fight started over a bottle of champagne and ended with the officers in the hospital. neither lawyers for lesean mccoy or recess lounge have commented on this lawsuit. meanwhile a philadelphia police sergeant ambushed by a shooter last week is now home, from the hospital. >> dozens of sergeant sylvia young's collogues soluted her as she left penn presbyterian medical center on tuesday.
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investigators say a man named nicholas glenn shot sergeant young multiple times friday while sitting in her patrol car. shooting killed a woman and her four others, including a upenn police officer before police killed glenn. philadelphia police officer is facing drug charges. authorities say that officer william brandish junior tried to send small packages of hard juan a through the mail. brandish used an associates also at a who column to mail pack age and it was returned, and another employee at the company received it. brandish, a 14 year veteran of the department has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. still ahead we will show what you congress is doing to get answers after the cost of a life saving drug, sky rocket. more cell phone issues this time itt is with apple's new iphone seven, strange sound customers are hearing, that is coming out of their phone. little later it is about more than just fashion we will tell you about a designer
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bringing comfort to people with special needs. >> ♪ i love this song, so much. it is the 21st of september we are seeking a sunny day, justin's forecast is up next.
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happening today head of the pharmaceutical company mylan is expected to defend sky rocketing price of epi-pens during a congressional hearing. epi-pens as you know are life saving auto injection tools used to treat severe allergic reactions. they raised price to more than $600 for a two pack, an increase of 500 percent since 2007. house oversight and governmental reform committee will hear from the mylan ceo,
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according to prepared testimony, she will defend the company's rises. happening today, a preview of the 602nd annual hero thrill show to benit, the fallen police officers and fire fighters. today's preview is at noon on market street between 18th and 19th street, it will include a grand entrance, procession and the dare devil maneuvers that the police high was patrol motorcycle drill team this years show is october 1st outside the wells fargo center. >> i can see justin to go that. >> yes. >> i have a california highway patrol officer or philly cop, up on a bike. >> all right. >> i'm not there yet but i'm trying, okay. i'm thinking bit. >> all right, cool. >> give it a try one time. >> weather-wise we're still dealing with these warm temperatures. final day of summer, fall will be delayed, we will be out here and start feeling like it in the second half of the
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weekend. but little depressing for some on this final day. trying to keep that summer vibe going, talking about ocean city looking live. it is not the best beach day, at least temperatures are warm but still cloud around but we should stay dry, increasing sunshine over next couple days. still decent beach wet's head as we head in the upcoming weekend. we are jumping from summer to fall. average high this time of the year 76 degrees. still well above that today, tomorrow and friday and then flip switch, transition day, getting close to the average, and then dropping below average next week. we have a little stretch of cooler then average temperatures but we will rebound back to average by middle of next week. low 60's, lehigh valley, pretty comfortable. humidity levels dropping to the northwestern suburbs. that will move down to south and east area. humidity levels start to tropical in the afternoon around philadelphia shore temperatures, north breeze at 71. there is to point numbers. yesterday upper 60's. today coming down, still mid
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60's, humid around philadelphia but dryer air working its way in the poconos and least high valleys. still suburb low pressure over carolinas, good rain falling, coastal carolina, tide water virginia in the southern half of the del marva, peninsula. cloud moving back in southern new jersey. the as far as beach forecast, more clouds and sun, breezy, 78 degrees. tomorrow we have increasing sunshine as well as friday. temperatures nice upper 70's, you can't beat. that future weather model not sewing much, just cloud cover hanging tough from philadelphia south and east. it will thin out the later tonight. and then tomorrow we should see more sunshine and a few areas in the region. still to the north, today through try, we're warm but then starts to buckle allowing that colder air to move southward for second half of the weekend, sunday we will start seeing temperatures returning below average. today, 86 degrees, tonight, comfortable, mild, 65. here's the extended forecast, decent sun for next several taste we are lock in the try pattern but jumping from the
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80's to near 70 on sunday. lets head over to meisha for traffic conditions. >> look at that, the 70's are coming back, all right, you guys. good morning. we will take a look outside what you are looking at is the blue route southbound at mid county, and it is looking receipt i darn good. i would say, starting to heat up, ever so slightly right thousand, but overall, blue route holding steady here still tark, still very early on this wednesday morning, so good morning, again, everybody. we will take a look at the schuylkill one area that heat up, i would say sometimes 5:00 d certainly at 6:00. we are looking at schuylkill taillights in the eastbound direction near girard looking good, really thighs, your commute is looking really thighs. really heating up at 5:00 o'clock hour yesterday. what we are seeing is what we would normally sianni that is they are starting to build. ninety-five thort between ridley park and 4201 lane block, we saw this, it got slow today, it is looking
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nice. then we have an accident in plymouth meeting, plymouth road is closed, make those, near sandy hill road not slowing you down too much just yet but it could moving forward in the morning and then we have construction in new jersey as well 42 southbound off ramp to 295 is closed until right now. brooke, over to you. thanks, meisha, it is time for newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the daily times, this fall pennsylvania lawmakers will consider a state law repealing statute of criminal limitations for childhood sex abuse. the house bill 1947 would extend civil statutes of limitations by 20 years and also make it retroactive. pa house approved the measure earlier this year, before it stalled in the senate. on the front page of the reading eagle the u.s. environmental protection agency will collect samples in south reading next week and perform tests for lead contamination. soil samples taken in march from the site of the land
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community garden on south seventh street revealed high lead levels. and from the times hurled, what is that green stuff? well, runners and bikers on the schuylkill river trail watch it grow all summer. chopper three showed us last in in some places covering water like shore to shore carpeting. experts say it is duck we had, harmless, and will disappear as the weather grows colder. that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines there around the delaware valley. well, still ahead, pat's here with sports. >> hey. >> we will go through some numbers that stand out from the eagles first two victories and we will discuss a suspension we have been hearing about for weeks, conclusion is coming, that is next up in
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hey this, good morning. thanks for waking up with us here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pennsylvania the path galleys here with a look at sports this morning. >> you know had stinks, guys, we have to wait for another eagles game. they are two and zero, everybody feeling good and we have to wait until sunday. we strive but often impossible to attain perfection in sports. for carson wentz and the eagles they might not be perfect through two games but close enough. on sunday wentz pushed eagles to two-zero with a win over bears and became first player to start, and win, the first two games of his career without a turn over. many point to the browns and bears being bad teams but wentz has done everything that the eagles have asked of him, and more, and here's what wentz had to say about going two for two. >> it the is cool, but at the same time it is something i
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try not to make it bigger then it needs to be. there is a lot of things going on, a lot of eyes on us tonight but it is a football game. you only get so many, you have to take advantage of your opportunities and it is a lot of fun. >> can we give defense love too. they have been instrumental in the eagles success so far, here's another stan out, two, that is number of offensive touchdowns they have allowed in two games, two is also the number of quarterbacks they have knock out. four is their turnovers created, through two weeks. a huge test awaits however in the pittsburgh steelers, sunday here on cbs-3. reports say that finally after all of this time eagles right tackle lane johnson will be suspended for ten games after feeling a ped test, johnson will appeal which will allow him to play sunday against steelers. at peels hearing is october 4th. as of right the now nfl still has in the released an official statement. our friday football frenzy rolls rolls on here are your nominees for the game of the
5:25 am
week shawne at washington township, we have bonner at o'hara or phoenixville at upper perkiomen. cast your vote at cbs philly to the come. phillies and white socks match up again tonight as phillies wrap up their final inter league series of the season, last night against white socks ace james shields odubel herrera had a home run in in the first inning. he had three hits and three rbi's. tommy joseph and rowan quinn. jeanmar gomez gave up three runs in the ninth, made it close, michael marriott got first save of his career holding off white socks seven-six. check this out, angels anderson simmons pitches back to nick martinez for a heck of a lay, behind the back starts the double lay. he made that look pretty easy. take a look again, right behind the back. rangers win, they have the best record in the american league. >> young at the let's at hard
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owe gate police athletic league are playing on a new gym floor thanks to community leaders and businesses. there was a party at the pal center on east tioga street when we got our first look at the new floor. they helped kid stay straight and narrow through educational, athletic programs. new gym floor will be welcome addition for the kids in the neighborhood. cool stuff. great place. back this is day. >> yeah. >> great organization. >> yes. >> i partner with them on many different events. >> absolutely. coming up next our of "eyewitness news" it business to get more expensive to ship stuff. >> we will tell but major carrier raising their rises soon. also ahead a meeting on the future of the now sheeterd church. we will tell what you they a are hoping to put there, justin, it is wednesday, but we're talking about the weekend. >> that is right i am always thinking about the weekend. if you are looking forward to the weekend pay attention, weekend watch, where we break down weekend more, in each
5:27 am
enthusiasms cast. we are talking about changes on saturday, temperatures still somewhat above average, we're talking about upper 60's in the poconos and 07 around philadelphia and shore but sunday is the cool day highs near 07 in philadelphia well down to the 60's in the poconos. sunday night we have widespread 40's in the suburbs. we will have more coming up when "eyewitness news"
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anger boils over in north carolina after a police officer shot and killed a man, whose family says he was just sitting in his car, reading. and good morning, i'm brooke thomas. aim jim donovan. protest in charlotte north caroline air part of what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. after the fatal police shooting of a black man sparked violent protests overnight. relatives of the keith scott says he was shot by officers while reading a book. a 16 year-old student is facing charges in the fight at a philadelphia high school. police say this fight between a lincoln high school student and a teacher, stemmed there an argument in the classroom. two philadelphia police


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